So many times, I had an idea and started writing about it non-stop. “I could do that, or this, I could collaborate with that person, Oh, and promote it there and do that, Yes!” Then I took some time to see what I had written and what I felt was… “Meh… No…not going to do that”. You know why? Because “it sounded much better in my head”!

“You can do anything but not everything” and this is why you need to choose every moment of the day. Moms tend to complain about not having time to take care of themselves and I totally get it! Of course, kid’s priorities come first, and that’s the way it should be! You can’t leave your toddler waiting for his breakfast, because you want to meditate, but you can wake up 10 minutes earlier or watch 10 minutes less TV, or quit anything that eats up those 10 minutes of yours, something you don’t value as much as your meditation time, or face mask time, or quiet shower time.

Badge of honor

A friend of mine who’s always been overweight (so much that it caused her to have diabetes) has always had an irresponsible and completely irrational way of thinking and acting around food. Among her other unhealthy habits, the most dangerous one had been refusing to take the pills that control her blood sugar level. One day, she decided to go to a neurologist only to leave the doctor’s office with more pills to take. When I met her right after her session, she said: “The moment I stepped in, the doctor told me she could understand my case exactly just by the look of my face. She could tell that I had been giving everything to others and keeping nothing for myself.” While talking to me, she had an accepting tone in her voice and she was barely keeping herself from smiling. She felt flattered, like a talent of hers had been recognized, like she was praised. When a diagnosis like that makes you feel so… accomplished, why would you ever want to shift the situation around? -I was furious and confused!

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How to “self-care” 

Enough with why we should take care of ourselves. Let’s see how. It feels like most people confuse self-care with skincare… While a spa day (at home or an actual spa) can be part of our practices, self-care is not restricted to face masks and massages. Simply put, self-care is all about finding some time for yourself to do more of what feels good.

Here is a self-care list I currently aim to do:

Read (or listen to) 2 books per month

Visit a museum/exhibition every month

Listen to your favorite music every day

Watch a documentary every week

Go for long walks on my own every day (also to hit that 10.000 steps goal!)

Watch a movie from my to-watch list every week

Get fresh flowers every week (even just 1 little rose)

And the most difficult of all, say “no” when I mean “no”…

You get the idea. Of course, not every day is perfect and I don’t manage to always do everything on my list, but just working on it makes me feel so much better! There is no recipe to self-care. I find something I love doing and I go do that -especially if I haven’t done it for a while!

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Until next time, take care.

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