When you were 8 what did you used to love to do? I loved watching ‘Pingu’ on my grandma’s bed, Making songs up, recording fake radio shows, creating tiny magazines for my dolls


In the time I’ve been diving into self-help there was a lot of talk about childhood memories and trauma and things that could potentially have hurt you so deeply, that block you even today. I’m so intrigued by phycology and the inner child in all of us fascinates me! Some times, the material is presented in very tacky ways, but if you manage to overlook that, you might actually get some value out of the material. 

Besides the traumas, though, childhood is full of memories you cherish, things you’ve accomplished, things you adored, things you loved to do. What did you love to do when you were 8?


It’s very likely that the things you loved to do have some connection with what you’d love to do as a grownup too. And even if we don’t refer to our careers, your hobbies, your interests, the things that excite you or relax you. If what you do has nothing to do with what you used to love, maybe it should. But, of course, you might have changed that much, I’m not your therapist! But it worths to take a look back then, even for the shake of memory and giggles…

I used to record fake radio shows

This podcast is not my debut in the audio industry! hahaha, I loved to do that alone or with a dear friend of mine. We would record “radio” shows, introducing songs or actual stories in audio. Other things I used to love were dance with a mop, create tiny magazines for my barbie dolls, make songs up and forget them immediately, the smell of my dad’s vespa, watching my mom putting her makeup on. 

WHAT DID YOU LOVE TO DO WHEN YOU WERE 8? I loved making “newspapers” on napkins, play “shop” with my brother while wearing supermarket bags as uniforms, waking up at 7 am on Saturday to watch Flintstones, the smell of plastic floats which equals summer… 

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Agios Prodromos

Barbie radio tape

Baby doll



Looking back, I’m happy to see I do many of those things now in my daily life. And I do more of them, compared to a couple of years ago. I loved creating radio shows, I have this podcast. I loved creating little magazines, I have my zine. I loved watching cartoons, and I’ve never stopped!

One thing I want to do more of is not on the list and it’s more complicated than getting an inflated toy in the summer, but it’s briefly touched in the visualization on the podcast. I want to see the world removing the “Evi” filter. I want to see things and leave out any and all thoughts. I don’t want to see things because I’m Evi, I’m Greek, I’m 33, I’m overweight, I’m a mom. I want to lose myself in them… Seems very vague, I know, I’ll reflect on that and present you more…

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Until next time, take care

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