my 2004 home

In 2004 I was 18 years old and my parents decided I could have my own “home” within their house. So I got the first of the three floors, which was complete with an open plan kitchen, living room with fireplace, a small bathroom, a bedroom, and direct access to the garden. What more to ask! It was an amazing space, and if it wasn’t in the suburbs, I think I’d never move out!

The most important thing in my eyes, though, was the freedom I could have in there. Even though I was always allowed to express myself in my room, where I had my friends write notes for me on my old closet, and I had written my favorite song lyrics on a wall from the ceiling to the floor. This was different. It was my home, my space!

(the almond tree is not from my 2004 home, just use the arrow to se the rest of the pictures)

So I went wild. I was in a heavily ethnic mood and I had decorative material to feed that style from my dad, a sailor who brought many interesting and unique things from his trips. I painted the bedroom walls crazy colors and my favorite part was the window! I painted it with transparent but bright colors and when the light came in, it was magical! -In retrospect, I can also appreciate that no landlord would allow me to do that!

I look back to that era nostalgically, with so much love and I wish one day I feel that creative, that free, and that “home” again.



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