art zine as an EXPERIENCE 




With a new zine issue every month, you’ll access mindful art, letters and immersion visualizations, to easily curate a wall gallery, a personal collection full of messages, feelings and meaning. Plus you’re getting a value package and priority to future limited edition art prints. 

ZINE subscription

What You Get

ZINE Issue

Every month you’ll get a new digital zine issue with a stories, pictures and the warmup, the recipe to best prepare for the immersive experience.


A high quality printable artwork to print or use as a wallpaper on your compute/phone/tablet.  And the best part: you’ll get to own it, not just get it.


Immersion visualisation in video form, to better connect to the subject of the month, and of course your artwork. Get to know it and then own it.

“The most genius extension of this experience, for me, was the sensory guidance. I loved that Evi exquisitely cultivated the space for us through our 5 senses as you would if we were together. oh my goodness, I LOVE that so much!”


Having worked as a makeup artist for 12 years, I used to make the most personal type of art. Having a person’s face as my canvas, I could tell how to make my art and yet, remove myself from it and make it all about the person “owning” and wearing it.

I’m keeping the same approach with my membership and the art it contains. Art that’s more permanent and can have a long lasting effect to the collector’s life. It is my art, but it’s about you.



A Zine is like a magazine, but more personal, more intimate, more privet. Some pages can be handmade, others image-based, others based on words. The words can be an article, random thoughts, a poem. But it’s all based on expression, freedom, and art. A Zine is an art in and of itself. But my through zines you’ll always get a piece of art. An abstract art, a sketch, a graphic, a photograph even. And when you add some of those up, you can curate your personal gallery wall.


The reason I don’t promise you a full abstract artwork every month is that too many of those wouldn’t look too appealing in the same gallery wall. But most importantly, I don’t want to turn this membership into “mass production”, I don’t want to feel the pressure that I have to make a product and sacrifice expression and quality. I want you to have the best of me. And of course, I will evolve and change, but you will get the best of me at the given moment.


Some times when I create the visualizations, I have no idea what I’m going to make, I have no inspiration and nothing planned. So I just come up with a prompt (pearls, deep sea, a forest swing) and then take it from there and improvise. At some point, I close my eyes and surrender. It’s not that the words are coming too easily, but I can see vivid images that I then try to bring to you… It’s a beautiful experience for me and I hope it will be for you too!

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