MAKEUP & art as an 


thinking about

Makeup diferently


Have you ever thought of your makeup as a powerful visualization? Have you thought of makeup as an act of empowerment instead of a process to hide flaws and insecurities?

In this issue we explore makeup as a feeling, we redefine makeup rules, we set and raise our consuming standards. We think of makeup differently as an act of mindfulness. And all that, through art and immersion visualizations. 

“The painting visualization was mesmerizing and easy to give myself over to – a welcome break from the overthinking I am prone to do.”



Having worked as a makeup artist for 12 years, I used to make the most personal type of art. Having a person’s face as my canvas, I quickly learned how to practice my art and yet, remove myself from it and make it all about the person “owning” and wearing it.

I’m keeping the same approach with my art whether it’s in digital or physical form, whether it’s an original piece or a print to be reproduced. It is my art, but it’s about me.


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