LITTLE E à Paris


Little E, lives à Paris.  She loves Eiffel tower, but one day she starts seeing everywhere and decides to go and see what it wants from her. This is a children’s story, but it’s mainly for our inner child. Little E, is little me, little you. Paris is how far we’ve gone and Eiffel tower is where we want to be… and why…

As I was dealing with my inner child’s issues, I’ve found that I could do more things for her, while spending quality time with my son. I could parent both my inner and actual child at the same time. This is how I created “Little E à Paris”, a character made for little ones (on the inside or out) with thoughts, stories and even actions to take, made to suit both. For the most analytical part of our grown-up minds, I further examine ideas in accompanying letters, but that’s just a bonus. Everything that needs to be said, shown experienced, fits in the main story.

“The painting visualization was mesmerizing and easy to give myself over to – a welcome break from the overthinking I am prone to do.”



I’m Evi Michailidou, and I create art as an experience. I imagine immersing rather than passively consuming content, ideas, products. All the things I create, art, videos, zines, podcasts, are designed to be experiences, to be felt with all the senses. My products, my content, my art, are as personal as a vision board, as stylish as a painting, as unique as art.


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