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Through stories and visualization and my imagination combined with yours you’ll either get to spend time within the scene I create for you, or you’ll be guided to create one of your own.

Re-imagine, recreate and remember the meaning of simple things. Welcome to an experience that will take you to your happy place -mine is Paris. Hello, I’m Friday. But you can call me Evi.

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becoming and being and the difference between them

Becoming and being an artist are two very different things. Learning more and more about art, doing art studies, learning to draw better, keeping myself

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“The meditations (within the visualization and also in the podcast) were instantly alluring, and I felt pulled into them without that familiar resistance that comes with slowing ourselves down. just WOW!”


We’ll chat about the topic of the day, I share my thoughts with you and open up for conversation through comments and messages of yours. Through the experience part of the podcast, I create for you a scene. Using your imagination (and mine) you experience it with all your senses. You can either be active and create vivid images in your mind, behind your closed eyes or continue to listen passively.

I am always suggesting triggers for all your senses and I’m being very descriptive. Although I intentionally leave room for your imagination and your own interpretation. Whether you choose to simply listen to me as I narrate it, or follow along and visualize the picture I’m “painting” for you, you still get to experience the scene and still get to imagine how it looks for you.

What’s with Fridays and Mondays?

There is so much fuss online about how everyone seems to hate Mondays. People count down to the next weekend before the current one is over. They would “fight, kill and die” for a Friday evening feeling. Exactly that’s my point with this podcast. Friday -as everything really- is a feeling and I’m here to assist you in generating it every Monday morning. “Hello I’m Friday” aims to help you escape from your daily life for a few minutes, to give you something to look forward to and feel happy(er) about on Monday morning.

I actually am Friday

I am Greek and my name is Evi, which is short for Paraskevi, which in Greek means Friday. So when I say I’m Friday, I mean it!

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Wall art and personal goals

Wall art and personal goals

Wall art and personal goals – Similarly to how we dress and what nail color we choose, our wall art aesthetics can change over time and we could evaluate it





In the ‘Hello I’m Friday’ issue, I’m guiding you through an immersion visualization to help you reimagine, recreate and remember the meaning of simple things. To take you to your happy place -mine is Paris.

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