Here are the French-inspired books I’ve read recently and a book experience to accompany them. Most of them written by non-French authors, giving us perspectives of expats -or just francophiles- about French culture, and literally I couldn’t ask for more!

French-inspired books I read recently

You know me, I love some French inspiration every now and then. Many of the books below, mentally brought me to Paris or France in general and filled me with all the francophile vibes I needed! My wishlist is full of more similar books, so expect a part 2 soon! 


Paris to the Past: Traveling Through French History by Train – Ina Caro

French women don’t get fat – Mireille Guiliano


Paris letters – Janice MacLeod


A Paris year – Janice MacLeod

Bringing up babe – Pamela Druckerman




Bébé day by day – Pamela Druckerman 


Bonjour kale – Kristen Beddard

Audiobook, Book 

Paris for dreamers – Katrina Lawrence  

Her Instagram

French-inspired movies I’ve watched in 2019 (coming in the 5th!)


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If you like this experience check out the first episode of the podcast for a magical visualisation!


Until next time, take care.


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