Everything I make, I intend to make an experience, I always provide you with a way to immerse yourself in the content and not just consume it. Along with expanding my art, this is my biggest priority when I create a video, a zine issue, a piece for social media.

Having you over

This is how I came up with the idea of the experience setup. The concept is to make a little prep work on your end, in order to create the scene I want you to be in. The thought behind setting up the experience is that if I invited you over as a guest if I organized an event, an exhibition, part of my planning would be triggers for all your senses. You could smell whatever scented candle or incense I’d light, you’d taste what I would offer you, see any accent pieces I’d drive your attention to, hear music/sound I’d have playing and touch the place you would seat, the glass you’d drink out of, etc.


Since I can’t physically have you over with a piece of content, a zine issue, a video, I still want you to physically stimulate your senses, to achieve true immersion. Furthermore, having you do the prep work will “make” you see the whole thing as a ritual. Take some time with it, cherish it and deeply enjoy it.


Based on each month’s theme, I’m be giving you a trigger for each one of your senses. We create the scene to go with not only the zine’s current issue but with each YouTube video, podcast and piece of content on Instagram. Our scene, our setup, is the umbrella under everything that is created.


With so much public content going out every day, not only from myself but the whole internet, I try to give little something exclusive to “those who really care”, people that didn’t randomly stumble on my content to never hear from me again. I want to give something exclusive to those who care enough to subscribe (for free!). So, I’m keeping the experience setup exclusive to the members, and I’ll be sending it to your email.

So, join the club today, and I’ll send you the latest experience setup!



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