Welcome! I’m Evi Michailidou and I started my art business to merge my passions into products that can be both beautiful and meaningful, art and experience, spiritual and practical. I create physical and digital products that promote mindfulness and personal style. My goals are to inspire action and offer a unique experience to every client, visitor, viewer.

I create art experiences to immerse people in, make them and feel it with all their senses, not “watch” and “consume”. If you feel the piece is created for you, you own it, it speaks to you, it touches you, then my job is done. 

Simply put, I make art and connect it with visualizations to give you the chance to deeper connect with it, to feel, immerse and be pART of it.


Having worked as a makeup artist for 12 years, I used to make the most personal type of art. Having a person’s face as my canvas, I quickly learned how to practice my art and yet, remove myself from it and make it all about the person “owning” and wearing it.

I’m keeping the same approach with my art whether it’s in digital or physical form, whether it’s an original piece or a print to be reproduced.

What my client, viewer, visitor needs from me is a new, another way to interpret her practices and see them through immersion. She doesn’t need me to teach her anything, she needs is to pause, to slow down, to feel more, experience through a creative process that will reveal to her a world through my eyes, but at the same time, being focused on her, leaving space for her to personalize and own the experience.

By Evi not ABOUT Evi

I have to admit, for the most part, deciding to make art, is a selfish act. Even when learning about art, it’s all about the artist. The style, the technique, the period of their life. I did start making art for me. But when I decided to make it a business, I was committed to leaving room for your energy, your feelings. That’s why what I create is not just art, it’s an experience.

It is my art, but it’s about me.

“Evi’s mission to befriend, share and support bears authenticity in her willingness to share her experiences as an artist & as a woman.”

– April Wood – Spiritual Counselor


Everything I do, art, videos, podcasts, is of course an experience for me. But in all stages of the creative process, I design things to be an experience for you too. To be felt with all your senses.

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