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About me

I am Evi Michailidou and my mission is to create art that serves a purpose from the simple act of decorating your space, to create an artful altar on your wall, or serve a cause bigger than us. The meaning is up to you.

Born in 1987 Greece, I always flirted with creativity and worked for 12 years as a makeup artist before I made the u-turn and decided to fully commit to making art. But not just any kind of art…


My art

Art in itself is unique. What I do can’t be done by someone else (and vice versa), But, that’s a uniqueness, ironically, everyone has. A painting by me and a painting by the next artist, with all their individual beauty and uniqueness, at the end of the day, are both paintings. So the actual uniqueness of my creations is that they trigger feelings through technology, mindfulness, visualizations. Every piece is designed to offer a unique, multi-sensory experience.

The artwork uses your energy to become a symbol that you get to assign your own personal meaning to, without having you waiting for an art expert to teach you how to “read” it. 

For the most part, deciding to make art, is a selfish act. Too often it’s all about the artist the style, the technique, the period of their life. I started making art for me. But when I decided to make it a business, I was committed to leaving room for your energy, your feelings. It is my art, but it’s not about me.

Evi | A Friday fine art signature

“The painting visualization was mesmerizing and easy to give myself over to – a welcome break from the overthinking I am prone to do. The meditations were instantly alluring, and I felt pulled into them without that familiar resistance that comes with slowing ourselves down. just WOW!”

Amanda from Simple Shui

“Evi is a creative who truly enjoys the company of women. Her mission to befriend, share, and support bears authenticity in her willingness to share her experiences as an artist & as a woman.”

-April Wood – Spiritual Counselor

Evi Michailidou
A Friday - Evi Michailidou

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