I used to keep tickets from my first trip to Paris, journals from 1999, a napkin with cute cats, drawings and love notes from when my sister and cousins were little. And of course this is beauty, but do I really want to hang on to them?

Collecting Beauty and shopping

Nowadays, I much prefer to use shopping as a self-care act. I make a wish list and I stick to it, most of the time. I choose the things I want the most no matter how expensive they are and plan my shopping list accordingly. First, I research reviews and ratings and I compare prices online. Always making sure I actually want an item before I get it and that it matches my criteria and values. In the same way you shouldn’t go to the supermarket hungry, you shouldn’t go to the department store depressed or confused either. I examine the true reasons behind my feelings. Feel them and release them to avoid impulse buys that will clutter my space and harm my wallet.

For beauty’s sake

Collecting and keeping things we actually love can be a challenge, even though it’s supposed to be easy, effortless and fun. I’ve always been organized, loved to see my drawers and cabinets in perfect order. But after listening to the famous audiobook, “The life-changing magic of tidying up”, I was amazed by the amount of clutter I’d collected over the years. The way Marie Kondo makes you see your belongings is revolutionary and brings minimalism to a whole new level: keep less; but you can also keep more, as long as you love them!

I love change now

A few years ago I read a quote by Karl Lagerfeld where he said: “I’m attached to nothing, I love change”. It struck me and inspired me so much. I deeply resonated with the “change” part, as at the time I was moving around my furniture almost on a weekly basis. But this wasn’t enough for me to get my self to feel unattached to things. I used to keep tickets from my first trip to Paris, journals from 1999, a napkin with cute cats, drawings and love notes from when my sister and cousins were little.

That quote, though, made me see that if I wanted to change anything and everything, I should break free from the stuff I’ve been collecting. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw four categories of things around me: things I needed, things I’ve been keeping just because I was used to them, things I loved and things I could definitely live without.

in its core, this is what minimalism is all about. I don’t care about the aesthetics of it, I’m not interested in an empty apartment. it’s about collecting beauty on all levels, from a lipstick to an artwork. 

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My 2004 home

Even though Marie Kondo suggests the opposite, I went through my sentimental items first. And I only kept a shoebox of little things. (it was a lot of shoeboxes before that. Don’t ask!). I don’t really need more than the things I love. And this made me think of owning, donating and shopping in a whole new way. As an act it is indeed so liberating, space feels lighter and looks brighter and symbolically, you remove excess things to make room for new ones. (clothes, makeup, or maybe a boyfriend – I kept mine, though). Decluttering the space makes room physically and energetically for new, better things. And I know my collection of magazines is so much better with my fashionistas friends, that value them much more than I do now.

Most importantly getting rid of stuff made me question what do I really want in my life. From a Youtube channel that had stopped exciting me, to the country I live in and the people I want around me. Decluttering was just the beginning.

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Until next time, take care


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