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Becoming an artist


In this series, I’m documenting how I’m becoming an artist. The ways I do it, how it looks and feels and how it’s working out for me. The self-help, the real-life, the nice stuff, and the ugly ones. I’ll do the videos, the blogs the podcasts and the artwork around all that and we’ll discover how it will go… So, would you follow me as I’m becoming an artist?


As I’m mentioning in one of the episodes, “Becoming an artist” is not going to be a process with a beginning, a middle, and an end for me. I’m not going to tick a few boxes and wake up one day to say “Yeap, now I’m an artist”. I’ll be working on it constantly, not just until I’ll get a reward, I’ll get noticed or I’ll start selling my work. Actually, my work as an artist and as an entrepreneur is going to be quite separate from my work as an artist even though the products will be shared.

I’ll be working on building skills and expanding creatively, but at the same time, I’ll be working to build and expand my brand and business. And the two don’t necessarily need to correlate to one another.

My podcast is another creative outlet of mine, which I think you’ll love.

Check it out here and don’t forget to tell me what you think!


Feeling like an artist is, for me, extremely important, so besides making studies, sketching and painting, I’m trying to consume content, images, sounds that inspire me and contribute to the overall feeling of creativity. I have extended to-read and to-watch lists and every month I try to read two books, watch 4 movies, 1 documentary and go to at least one inspiring place. I document the intention and the results of this effort in my “Becoming Club” and you’re more than welcome to join!



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