A piece of art is all about the artist. The style, the technique, the period of their life. In my art, I want to leave room for your energy, your feelings. That’s why I create a full experience around my art, for you to immerse in.

I offer feelings made of art, multi-sensory immersion through suggestions that trigger all senses within a visualization being a part of the artwork, completing it, and turning it into a symbol.

Evi | A Friday fine art signature

“the most genius extension of this experience, for me, was the sensory guidance. i loved that you exquisitely cultivated the space for us through our 5 senses as you would if we were together. oh my goodness, I LOVE that so much!”


“Evi’s mission to befriend, share and support bears authenticity in her willingness to share her experiences as an artist & as a woman.”

– April Wood – Spiritual Counselor


I imagine my people experiencing rather than passively consuming content, ideas, products. Everything I do, art, videos, podcasts, is of course an experience for me. But in all stages of the creative process, I design things to be an experience for you too. To be felt with all your senses.

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