feel, immerse be pART of it

Welcome to A Friday! Here you’ll find experiences made of art. They offer multi-sensory immersion through suggestions that trigger all senses within a visualization being a part of the artwork, completing it and turning it into a symbol.

It’s not just art, it’s an experience

Along with your artwork, you get a digital experience where you get to meet your artwork, feel it and name it. I don’t sell a decorative item. I sell a symbol and its meaning depends on you. How do you want to feel when you see it?  

Assign personal meaning on something that would otherwise be just pretty

Your artwork can be the center of your mindfulness and self-growth practices. Use it as an altar, vision board, for image meditations and as a reminder of how you want to feel every day, every time you pass by it. Mindfulness, relaxation, calmness and triggering the subconscious to focus on specific feelings and goals.  


Usually, a piece of art is all about the artist. What the artist wants to say, what are the secret messages the artist hides in the colors, what the artist was feeling when he/she painted this… When I create something, it’s inevitably going to have a large portion of my energy anyway. But since I don’t make it with the intention to keep it for myself, my goal is to leave room for the collector’s energy to be absorbed in. You are the one who’s going to live with the piece and I want you to own it, not just get it.


I’m creating art for people who care about mindfulness and spirituality while appreciating good modern design. Who are in constant seek of inspiration, always opening up their minds, to find it anywhere. What they need is more time, more ease, less fluff. Something to go with their busy lives and improve them in any way, without being another obligation. An experience that can double as mindfulness exercise and escapism, that will help them train their minds, inspire and entertain them.

“the meditations (within the visualization and also in the podcast) were instantly alluring, and i felt pulled into them without that familiar resistance that comes with slowing ourselves down. just WOW!”


“Evi’s mission to befriend, share and support bears authenticity in her willingness to share her experiences as an artist & as a woman.”

– April Wood – Spiritual Counselor


Everything I do, art, videos, content is designed to be felt with all your senses. It can be fun, minimal, symbolic, mindful, emotional, personalized. It’s multimedia and multi-sensory. A picture, a video, a fragrance, a piece of audio, a digital or physical artwork. I’m creating experiences made of art. Want to be pART of it?




In my videos, you'll find creative experiences and visualizations, as well as simple, raw vlogs, where I document day to day life.



Like a magazine, but more personal and direct, my zine is more than a booklet of art and letters. Pause, slow down and feel more. 


Hello I'm friday

My podcast is all about the visualisations and the images I can create for you using just words and a combination of both out imaginations. 



In the ‘Hello I’m Friday’ issue, I’m guiding you through an immersion visualization to help you reimagine, recreate and remember the meaning of simple things. To take you to your happy place -mine is Paris.

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